Mid-Range eScooters

These are some of the best electric scooters for everyday use

The best electric scooters for everyday use should be folding, great for commuting, long distances, all sizes and versatile. We think these scooters are the business!

Mid-range electric scooters are a compromise between affordability and performance. eScooterGuru looks at some of the best scooters for everyday use.

We Also Recommend Some Awesome KICK Scooters

Best Selling eScooters

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Tried and tested

Segway Ninebot E22 eScooter

  • 12.4 mph
  • 300 W Motor
  • 13.7 mile Range
  • Upgraded 300 W motor
  • Max load 220 lbs
  • Lightweight & Foldable
  • Front wheel shock absorbers
  • Large solid tires provide maximum rider comfort
  • Mechanical and electrical anti-lock braking system 
  • Cruise control
  • Smart Battery Management System
  • LED headlights 

Gotrax XR Ultra EScooter

  • 15.5 mph
  • 300 W Motor
  • 17 mile Range
  • One-step fold system 
  • High capacity LG Battery 7.0Ah 
  • Smart Battery Management System 
  • A perfect commuting scooter
  • Dual Braking System – Disc and anti-lock brakes
  • Front and rear 8.5″ pneumatic tires for comfort on any terrain
  • Multifunctional LED Console
  • Powerful headlight

Hover-1 Electric Scooter

  • 16 mph
  • 350 W Motor
  • 11 mile Range
  • Battery indicator
  • Foot-pad throttle
  • Rear brake light
  • Disc brake
  • Easy folding stylish design
  • 220 lbs weight capacity
  • 5 hours charge time
  • Foldable design – convenient, stylish and exciting form of transportation.
  • Comes in BLACK or WHITE

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

  • 15.5 mph
  • 250 W Motor
  • 18.6 mile Range
  • Great for commuting
  • Intuitive controls
  • Lightweight (11 kg), Portable, and Foldable
  • Disc braking and eABS regenerative anti-lock braking system
  • The minimal yet modern design has been awarded the prestigious Red Dot “Best of the Best” Award, as well as the iF Design Award 2017

Hiboy S2 with Seat

  • 18.6 mph
  • 350 W Motor
  • 17 mile Range
  • Long-range 270Wh battery
  • Portable folding structure
  • Great for commuting
  • 8.5-inch solid tires
  • Aluminium Frame
  • Kinetic Energy Recovery System
  • Double Braking System
  • Three Briliant Lights System
  • Cruise & Speed Control
  • Hiboy S2 App

All the electric scooters above are suitable for adults and have been selected for their performance. practicality and budget. They are fast and can cover large distances.

Foldable in design, these electric scooters can be used for college, work or everyday use. Heavy adults and tall riders will all find these models sturdy and powerful.

Electric Scooter Guru

Three awesome scooters that ake you anywhere, anytime. With powerful motors, great styling and impressive ranges you can’t go wrong!

They represent some of the best electric scooters for everyday use

eScooterGuru - the best electric scooter site

15 mile Range

250 W Motor

18 mph

Razor E Prime III eScooter


17 mile Range

350 W Motor

18 mph

Hiboy S2 eScooter


17 mile Range

350 W Motor

18.6 mph

Hiboy MAX eScooter


Featured Product

Premium Li-Ion Battery

Key Features:

  • A portable, personal electric vehicle.
  • Patented dolly and vertical self-standing feature with 1-second foot-actuated folding.
  • Safe, durable and reliable design.
  • Front fork suspension for a smooth and comfortable ride.
  • Clean, quiet, lithium-ion battery-powered hub motor. Electronic anti-lock brakes and rear fender foot activated press brake.
  • Front headlamp and rear taillight.
  • Can travel 500 miles on one dollar of electricity.
  • Range of 15 miles on a full charge.
  • No chains, no gears, no grease.
  • Lightweight and practical for easy portability.
  • Top speed of 15 miles per hour (faster than a runner at full sprint).
  • When folded, you can walk with it like a roller bag suitcase.
  • Ideal for last-mile commuting with public transportation or distant parking.
  • Easy and fun to ride, park, carry and store.

Glion Dolly Foldable Lightweight Adult Electric Scooter - $429


List Price:$499

Reduced Price: $429 & FREE Shipping

Need to go off-road or just need a kick-scooter?

Electric scooters for off-road and long distances makes them even greater fun. Or perhaps you’re just looking for a traditional kick-scooter? Read on!

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Electric scooters are developing at a fast pace and modern scooters come with a wide range of ultra-modern benefits: Lights for riding at night, brakes which help charge the battery, sophisticated suspension and Bluetooth connectivity.

With the drive for greener transport and less reliance on cars, electric scooters are sure to become one of the best options for everyday use in cities.


Best Kick Scooters

Rugged design, lightweight, portable and fun. Great for a fun workout or short commute
LaScoota - The Scooter that Grows With You

$99.95 + FREE Shipping

Lascoota Scooter for Adults + Teens

Popular and Versatile Scooter

LaScoota Teens is a scooter that brings the fun for ages 8 and up – and when we say ‘up’ it doesn’t stop at 18 or 21.  It’s perfect for adults and grown-ups!

Scooter features:

  • Robust Aluminum & Steel Construction
  • Comfy Rubber Handles Grips
  • Big Front and Back Wheels
  • Front Suspension
  • Adjustable Handlebar Height
  • Heat Treated Back Foot Brake
  • Foldable, Easy to Carry and Lightweight Design

The perfect, highly durable, and practical choice for any teen or adult. This scooter is well made with high-quality materials to deliver fun for years without skipping a beat.

Hikole Scooter for Adults + Teens

Affordable, Practical and Fun

Adjustable Height Dual Suspension and Shoulder Strap, 8 inch Wheels, Smooth Ride Commuter Scooter

  • ADJUSTABLE HANDLEBARS – with soft rubber comfortable hand grips and 3 level height adjustable, range 90-100cm/35.1-39 inch, Suits adults, teens and kids age 10 up
  • PATENTED REAR FENDER BRAKE -The aluminum alloy scooter features an easy to access Foot Rear Brake which brings the scooter to a speed stop.
  • Large aluminum reinforced brake pedal is easy to use 
  • LOWER DECK with 220 lbs max Weight Limit 

$91.99 + FREE Shipping

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